A clipping path is closed vector path technique used to cut-out a 2D image in an Image Editing Software. Clipping Path Services is a professional offerings provided by Image Editing India for extracting object or people from still imagery which typically includes the other Photo Editing & Manipulation Services.

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Photo Editing Photoshop

Collaborate with product management and engineering to define and implement ….PhotoshopImage Editing, Kids Wear, Illustrator, corel draw.

Jewellery Enhancement


Often used in conjuction with a dye. Enhancement by melted wax or plastic forming a layer over the surface of a gemstone to improve amongest other things lustre.Enhancement by assembling other substances over or under a gemstone to improve durability and size.

Clipping Path Service

Photo Clipping Path Service

clipping path services to photographers, publishing houses, graphics design companies, web developers, Jewellery and catalog companies to help them transform their operations. It is a hard-edged vector marking technique used to separate the desired portion from rest of the image.

Clipping path is mainly used to remove image’s background, allowing the usage of its key image for varied purposes. Clipping paths are created in graphics programs and exported with the image as an embedded path/alpha channel, for usage in desired layout application.